Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Farewell, for now.

I have decided to not do professional photography anymore. Besides close family and friends, the time to stop is now. For a few reasons, my family being first. I need to spend as much time as possible with them. They are my first and most important love. Second, my love for photography is always there, but has weaned professionally this last year. I want to be able to devote 100% and I cannot at this time. Third, I knew having another child (born a month ago!) would rock my world. I wanted to be able to still "work", but it needed to be even more at home and require less of my time. Thus, Airet Graphics & Design was born. My work time is now devoted to that new business. And to be quite honest it's more profitable than photography ever was for me and my family.

I may come back at it in the future. You never know ;)

So for now, I bid you all farewell. Thank you for the many years of success and friendships I have formed. I love you all and appreciate the person I have become because of photography. 

Here's what I'll be taking pictures of:

My sweet new baby boy.

and my other two awesome and adventurous boys.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Danie & Kaden's Wedding - St George Utah Wedding Photographer

Last month, Danie & Kaden got married! It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun party! 

These photos are some-what in order of events..

Danie Bridals - St George Utah Bridal and Wedding Photographer

These were taken a few months ago. And I'm finally getting around to blogging them! Partly because the dress wasn't being shown to the groom, and partly because I've been busy with a new business adventure. Taken in beautiful Pine Valley with a beautiful bride; Danie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teren and Julia's Engagment - Photos and Video - St George UT Engagement Portrait Photographer

My brother is engaged! 

We had a beautiful engagement session on a Saturday morning. They were both beaming. They are so excited to be with each other! I'm very happy for them both.

My brother asked me to film his engagement. Julia didn't know about it! We surprised her a week after they got engaged with the video. It was so fun!

The video is short and sweet. I got started just a few seconds later than I intended (Teren was SO fast!). He kneels down at the beginning, reads her a poem he wrote for her, then proposes. When she hugs him and they stand, she whispers "Yes" in his ear. Awwww! Unfortunately the audio my other brother hid in the bushes behind them failed so we didn't get any of what he said. But I think the video is perfect just the way it is :)

Sheena & Dustin - Snow Canyon Wedding - St George Utah Wedding Bridal Couple Photographer

I've been so excited and planning on shooting Sheena and Dustin's wedding for months! Finally the day arrived and it was beautiful! They had a small, quaint, intimiate ceremony in Snow Canyon with their closest friends and relatives. The love and joy Sheena and Dustin for each other is evident in every image. Congratulations you two!

These are in no particular order..

First look. 


After vows.

Yay! First kiss!!